RMS Elections updates

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Monday, March 25th 2019

RMS Eletions Results

The members of the committee appointed for counting of the votes for various posts of RMS met at 11:30 A.M. today at the Department of Mathematics at IIT Bombay. Prof. Ajit Kumar of ICT, Mumbai was present as an observer. The total number of votes received were 248 . Distribution of votes to various candidates are as follows:

Post Name Of the Candidate Number of votes received
President S. Ponnusamy 193
  R. L. Karandikar 55
Vice President Ambat Vijayakumar 172
  K.  Srinivas 74
Members S. A. Katre 134
  Poornima  Gupta 214
  Ashish K Upadhyay 202
  J. K. Prajapat 157


Based on the above data, the results are as follows:

Post Winner
President S. Ponnusamy
Vice - President Ambat Vijayakumar
Members Poornima  Gupta
  Ashish K Upadhyay
  J. K. Prajapat


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Thursday, March 21st 2019

Members not eligible to vote in this round

The RMS members whose membership is to be approved only in the 2019 annual general body meeting are not eligible to vote in this round.

These are members whose membership numbers are 

  • 1389-1417.